Classroom Yoga Tips for Test Preparation


Want your students to be relaxed, alert and confident before testing? Yoga is a great de-stressor to add to your morning. Here are a few ideas for mindfulness exercises prior to getting started!

Begin with deep breathing. Sit in either Fire Log Pose or in your desk/chair with feet on the floor; one hand on the belly and one on the chest. Straighten the back.  Breathe in through the nose and out the mouth. Count to 3 during the inhale and slowly breathe out to the count of 5. Repeat this breath for one minute. Next, try to clear the mind. Imagine turning off the computer or TV and everything goes quiet. Rest in this quiet for one minute. For an additional minute, allow your students to continue to sit peacefully and for one more minute, use guided positive talk for your students, “You are strong, you are ready, you can do this!”

Next, stand to Mountain Pose. Take a breath in and reach high, thinking about how much you know! Exhale, and lower your arms.

Then, Forward Fold, putting all your worries down.  Now, leave them there. Take a few breaths, blow them away. Roll up slowly, knowing you are ready! (This inverted pose will increase alertness and decrease stress.)

Finally, end in Tree Pose.  Remind your students they are growing, every day. They have strong roots, a strong trunk and branches that reach and hold so many thoughts. They can do this with deep breath and confidence! Hold the pose quietly for a few breaths. Repeat on the other side.  Shake it out!

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