Make it Personal. Sun Salute for Students.


Developing a Personal Statement or Mantra.

Adding mindfulness to movement can be difficult for anyone.  We are asked to focus on our breath while remembering the basics of a yoga pose. Thoughts will pop into our heads and we are told to acknowledge them and breathe them out. Thoughts like, “I am not that flexible!”, “My hair is going to be a mess.” or “How do they do that?” are hard enough for adults to steer away from, but for an adolescent student, this may be asking too much!

Having a personal goal is important for any growth to happen and mindful movement is no different. Let’s start with a Sun Salute. From the first to the last, mountain, each movement, each breath is for the individual. So, the mindfulness part needs to be personal and it needs to be positive. Use the following worksheet and let each student fill it in privately, even try one for yourself! Practicing with it in front of the mat can give us focus and purpose. Allowing our movement to be much more mindful, while we become more self-aware.

Close your eyes and SLOW down. Scan your body, lower your shoulders, open your breath and determine what is your “why” (or intention).

Mountain:  I stand firm on ________________________.

Reach Up:  I reach up for ______________________.

Forward Fold: I lay _____________________ here, I do not need it.

Plank: I will be strong for or have courage to __________________.

Down Dog: I will be a bridge for _________________________.

Cobra or Up Dog:  I will visualize/see _____________________ ahead.

Forward Fold: I will step up for _______________________ .

Roll Up: I will be slow to _________________________.

Mountain:  Today, I stand for ________________________.

Open your eyes! Great job Yogi! Now, go change the world, one kind act at a time.