When Speed Bumps Give you Reason to Soar!


Almost four years ago, I was right on track. I had just finished my yoga training, I was completing my master’s degree, and I was excited to begin my new job at a school who had decided to add mindfulness to their program! This position would give me time and our move to a new home allowed space for my business. Things could not have looked better!

In a week’s time, these amazing things took a detour as I hit a speed bump with a breast cancer diagnosis. I remember telling my surgeon at our first meeting, “This isn’t a good time!” The timing gave me a chance to prioritize, set boundaries and understand the importance of self-care. Looking back, I understand it was a challenge, but it brought a whole lot of good to my life. Thankfully, being cancer-free, I was ready to get back to life and work!

My business had direction, I was building opportunities, content, and relationships for a year. It appeared I was back on track, and then Covid entered all our lives. Canceled events, meetings, and travel. Another speed bump, another detour.

This year was truly an education to anyone in education! Our routines stopped, as new ones began. We learned new technology quickly, we connected in fresh ways, and we delivered content outside of our four walls. Teachers, students, and families demonstrated resilience and independence. We bonded over Zoom meetings and embraced a growth-mindset out of necessity. We were reminded of what really matters, at home and at school.

Our first reaction to a speed bump is panic or a quick slow down. But what if we embrace these detours with an open-mind and a hopeful heart? Challenges build resilience and strength. They create new opportunities. They can also remind us we do not have control of every day. And because of that, we need to focus on faith verses fear. Faith in ourselves, our family and our beliefs will turn speed bumps into a chance to soar.