Young women do yoga indoors

We believe that mindfulness, movement and Social Emotional Learning 

should be a part of each day!

Exercise (ECE) as an evidence-based practice that positively enhances learning and emotional health. As a form of exercise, yoga is inclusive, social, non-competitive, sensory friendly, calming, self-regulating, and a life long skill. 


Be focus and patient while teaching new things

Students doing classroom mindfulness often build leadership, experience greater inclusion, focus better, build social skills, and increase their academic performance. Class culture can benefit, too! Students are engaged with themselves, their peers, and the activities


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Whether it’s individualized or in a larger group setting, science-based studies (NPCD) have indicated that students with disabilities practicing yoga see better physical wellness, greater positive behavior incidences, fewer negative behavior incidences, and life skills.



A study published in Forbes in April of 2018 shared that students who learn yoga may find long term mental health benefits like better test taking skills, positive behavior choices, coping skills, more self-confidence, and increase self-management skills.

So, how can we help you bring it to your school? 

We’ll work with you to develop the right kind of program for your students, your goals, your budget, and your schedule. Here are some of the things we can build into your package:

  • In-person and virtual mindfulness and movement classes for your students and staff.
  • Sharing curriculum, resources, literature, materials and lessons for your teachers and staff to implement a mindful movement program (and providing the in-person or virtual training to help them know how).
  • Focused programs for individuals and their needs, and specific goals (such as mindfulness, behavior, focus or fitness). Again, with training for your staff!
  • Mindfulness in the Classroom Professional Development, a learning session with lots of participation creating staff to integrate mindful moments into a school day to increase learning-readiness and student engagement.
  • Staff Wellness Professional Development, a wellness retreat with activities that will leave your teachers recharged with personal self-care plans and renewed through movement, nature and healthy choices!
  • Monthly Newsletters with ideas for school to bring mindfulness to the learning and living environment, and connections for home.
  • Full-day staff retreats

And much more. If you need it, we can figure it out!

Ready to get started? We work to include everything you need and make it fun and engaging for everyone in the group. We can book an afternoon, a week, a weekend, or come in regularly. We’ll put together a proposal and talk it through until it’s perfect for you and your students!-

Whether your school is here by us in Cleveland, nearby in Akron, Toledo, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Detroit, or anywhere else in the world, we can help! 

Half-day, full-day, weekly, monthly, or week long trainings are available in person or virtually (travel costs vary).