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Young women do yoga indoors

We believe that yoga should be in schools!

And we want to help you bring it to yours.

We’ll work with you to develop the right kind of program for your students, your goals, your budget, and your schedule. Here are some of the things we can build into your package:

  • Regular yoga classes for your students, staff, or both, taught by us.
  • Building a yoga curriculum for your teachers and staff to implement (and providing in person training to help them know how).
  • Sourcing yoga materials and creating lesson plans for custom Classroom Kits
  • Focused yoga programs for individuals, specific goals (such as mindfulness or fitness), and populations with specific needs. Again, these can be taught by us, or training for your staff can be provided.
  • Talks and seminars about physical and mental aspects of yoga and how to integrate them into your regular curriculum to increase student engagement and decrease classroom issues.
  • Mindfulness and stress relief work for teachers and staff
  • Staff retreats.

And much more. If you need it, we can figure it out!

Ready to get started? We work to include everything you need and make it fun and engaging for everyone in the group. We can book out an afternoon, a week, a weekend, or come in regularly.

Give us a call at 440-381-0541 and tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll put together a proposal and talk it through until it’s perfect for you and your students!