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Bringing wellness and mindfulness to students

You want your kids to grow. We can help! At Budding Yoga, you’ll find a variety of classes and family activities and they’ll all have one thing in common. They are always designed especially for young adults and children.

With 20+ years of teaching in a school setting, Connie has developed a love for working with children on life skills. Fitness, community involvement, and mindfulness are so important and yoga is the perfect way to have fun and grow those skills.

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For Teams and Groups

You’re looking to expand your group’s experience and helps them grow and develop. We work with teams and groups of all ages to customize a yoga and wellness program that builds mindfulness, skills, and enjoyment.

Yoga Practice

Classroom Kits

Bring mindfulness and activities for well being right into your classroom’s daily routine. We’ll create a class program with you and get all the materials put together so you can lead your students and get in on the fun!

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Story Time in a Classroom

In Schools

Whether it’s leading regular yoga sessions with your students or working with your teachers, we love getting to be a part of your school family. We offer classes, professional development, and even teacher appreciation retreats. Let’s do some yoga!