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What We Believe

I believe that play is the strongest form of learning.

I know that slowing down sometimes can give the time we need to grow and change.

I see everyday that life (and yoga) just requires us to breathe and stay flexible. 

And I feel deep in my heart that personal and meaningful connection can change the world, whether it’s just for the one kid in front of us or for an entire community.

That’s why I love what I do so much. And why I’ve taken time to back it up with lots of study, practice, and continuous personal growth so that I can be my best in helping people connect with themselves and everyone around them by focusing on mindfulness, wellness, social emotional learning, and fun.

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Meet Connie

Connie Morris, M. Ed, RYT 200, and CCYT

Connie comes from a background in elementary and special education, with an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education, K-8 Elementary Education and K-12 Intervention License, and Masters of Education in Special Education with a focus on Autism Spectrum Disorders. She teaches yoga, has taught preschool through high school students, and now teaches professional development and graduate courses to educators. She lives with her husband and very energetic dog in the Cleveland area. 

When she isn’t teaching, she loves to take advantage of the outside fun around the Cleveland, particularly the lake!