Professional Development for School Staff

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If you’ve been looking for ways to bring mindfulness, movement and SELs into your school,

this is the perfect place for you to be!

When we come host a training, it’s all about giving your school’s staff all the tools and knowledge they need to use mindfulness and movement with their students. With experience in general ed and SPED classrooms, a masters in Autism, and years leading yoga are all part of what makes our trainings fluid and customized to every student, teacher, and school’s needs. It’s also why we’re so serious about making sure your staff has fun and feels comfortable modeling the benefits mindfulness can bring to the classroom environment.

Mindful Movement in schools can create academic, emotional, behavioral, and physical growth for students and it is a great way to build a positive and contagious community culture. And the system Budding Yoga brings in is ready to use…which means schools can immediately begin building better teacher, parent and student wellness!

Here’s what is included for our PD Packages:

  • An intake call with administration to discuss what makes your school so special, what needs you want to see cared for, and how your staff ticks. Every training is customized to the staff and program so that it’s just right for your goals.
  • Full- or half-day trainings, with a mix of instruction, demonstrations, tools and lots of movement, practice and fun. We do it all!
  • Restorative yoga session just for the adults…because we teach too. We know that quiet time and focus can be life savers! This class is for all levels.
  • Wellbeing focus and add-ons are now available.
  • Your team will walk away with materials and resources to get started as soon as they return!
  • 30 days of unlimited email support for every single one of your teachers. We’ve sat through plenty of teacher trainings. The support and tools to implement are the most important part of seeing results, and we make sure your staff gets that!
  • A FB Group Page, where you can continue receiving and sharing ideas and support with us and others.
  • A Certificate of Completion for contact hours.
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  • Our trainings start at $1949 and includes spots and materials for up to 20 trainees.
  • Every additional spot is just $75 each.
  • We’re excited to create a custom training plan for your school! Shoot us an email at and we’ll figure out the perfect set up.

Ready to get started?

Email or book a call with the button below.


Remember! I have been able to stay on top of how mindfulness fits in schools because I was lucky enough to live it every single day as a teacher. I continue to see how it will change your teaching, learning environment, response, resiliance and wellbeing. Your students will be empowered by your teaching and modeling!

Individual teachers or groups: CEUs and Graduate credit hours are available through my work with Ashland University. Ask me how! 

We’ll work with you to develop the right kind of program for your students, your goals, your budget, and your schedule. Here are some of the things we can build into your package:

  • Virtual yoga classes for your students and staff.
  • Sharing curriculum, sourcing materials, supplies and lessons for your teachers and staff to implement (and providing the in person or virtual training to help them know how) through kits.
  • Focused programs for individuals and their needs, and specific goals (such as mindfulness, behavior, focus or fitness). Again, with training for your staff !
  • Half-day staff sessions with physical and mental aspects of mindfulness and movement and how to integrate mindful moments into your school day to increase student engagement and decrease classroom issues
  • Mindfulness and stress relief for teachers and staff
  • Staff retreats

And much more. If you need it, we can figure it out!

Ready to get started? We work to include everything you need and make it fun and engaging for everyone in the group. We can book an afternoon, a week, a weekend, or come in regularly. We’ll put together a proposal and talk it through until it’s perfect for you and your students!.


See what our training attendees say...

The teachers and staff at each training are why I love what I do! Their questions and feedback help to make the content better and better every day and will never fail to make me smile a little bigger!

Can't wait to use this in my classroom on a daily basis! The value in this mindful movement seem so obvious and abundant! Love this!
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- Sue
In school training yoga and mindfulness
This was very informative and helpful. I am blessed that so many members of my staff could all come.
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- Jennifer
This was the best training. We are planning on using this to start a club in our school! Can't wait. Thank you!
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- Kim
In school training yoga and mindfulness