"Peace Plan" Book Bundle Pre-Sale!

The “Peace Plan” book is perfect to help learn self-directed mindfulness and movement skills! With this *PRE-SALE* you’ll get the paperback book, Yoga Sequence Cards Set #1, Breath Cards Set, and a year’s membership on the upcoming Budding Yoga app! 

Bundle Goodies:

  • The Peace Plan book in paperback – $11.99
  • A 10 card set of Yoga Cards (Deck #1) – $19
  • A 10 card set of breath cards – $19
  • A year’s Membership to the Budding Yoga mindfulness app when it launches – $14.99

Bundle total value: $64.98


Save ~$35 and get early access to the app!


PS – Just want the book? That’s an option, too! Pre-order to have it shipped straight to you and save $3 on the list price of $11.99 – $8.99!

Shipping Costs – All USA shipping is free! International shipping is available to Ireland, UK, Mexico, Isle of Man, and Canada for a rate of $11 per bundle.