An Easy 3 Minute Routine to Relax and Reset


Since we focus on doing yoga with kids, all our activities are great for in the classroom, as a coping skill, or training a team. This is a great example…it’s simple and quick. Students can get it right the first time, building their confidence and interest in using yoga in their daily lives. But it also is easy for them to take on the road with them! A great inter-curricular activity is to have them write their own version of this exercise on a card to take with them for whenever they need it most.

What’s also great about this one is that adults can use it any time, too. Whether you’re stuck at your desk or at traffic, just woke up or you’re getting ready to go to bed, everyone can use a little extra time to breathe and relax.

Taking 3 minutes out of your day can help you in so many ways. You’ll be more peaceful, healthy and able to go!

Let’s do this!

Minute 1: Close your eyes. Be comfortable and scan your body. Then, take a slow breath in through your nose, go slowly, let the air escape through your mouth. Again, making sure all of the air is pushed out. Repeat this pattern for one minute.

Minute 2: Now, return to a natural breath and relax. Keep thoughts to a minimum. Try repeating a simple focus like: “I am calm,” “I am ready,” or “I am breathing in _______ and breathing out _______.”

Minute 3: Be grateful! This last minute is allowing your mind to think of things you are thankful for. I know this can be hard if you are angry, but trust me, if you try, that anger will melt away!

Take a big stretch or twist and get on with it! You just did some awesome yoga!