4 Ideas for Family Yoga Time


Anytime I share what I get to do for work, people are amazed and excited. I feel the same way every day I can work with my students, train teachers or share our resources. I have been blessed to not only love what I do, but love everything that comes with it, including life-long learning. Educators have
discovered that multi-tasking is overrated; and being mindful is an important and necessary skill that needs to be developed. I have been asked by parents how they can help at home with mindfulness. I now give “homework” to my students that can involve the whole family. Here are a few ideas:

Family Yoga Routines and Ideas
Mother and daughter have yoga class in the park.
  1. Move as a family.
    A few Sun Salutations will only take a short time and can be done together and it is a beautiful way to start or end each day together. Make it uniquely yours: create a family prayer or mantra, include your intentions for the day and share your values out loud. Here is one example:
    Mountain: Breathe and set your intention.
    Reach up: We will reach for dreams!
    Forward fold: Lay all our worries down.
    Step back to plank: We will stay strong.
    Cobra or up dog: Look up for hope.
    Move to down dog: We are a bridge to peace.
    Step forward to forward fold: Step up to service.
    Mountain: We will stand firm.
  2. Model mindfulness.
    Have “No Tech Time”. Play a game, eat dinner, color, or tell stories together. Focus on the task at hand! No tech, no interruptions.
    Take time for mindful activities; whatever you pick, talk about what you feel, hear, see, and smell. Here are a few examples: take a walk, eat an apple, blow bubbles, or take a bath.
  3. Be grateful.
    No matter what is going on, model gratitude as an attitude. Be thankful when you eat, thank God and the farmers. Be thankful for waking up together. This may be more difficult in tough times, but especially important for mental health. Find the silver lining together.
  4. Slow down and breathe.
    Don’t cry over spilled milk…just breathe! Showing your children you get stressed and upset too, is easy. Modeling techniques like deep breaths is a life-long skill to share.