As teachers and parents, we know the words we use with our children matter. We know benchmarks need to consider preferences, interests, needs and strengths. We are caregivers, spending our days nurturing each child the best we can. However, unless we model our own self-care and the power behind PAUSE, we not only will run empty ourselves, but we have missed an opportunity to empower our children with a wellness exercise they can use throughout their lifetime.

Our wellness is neither selfish or a luxury, it is a priority that can be seeded throughout our day with habits and routine. Planning moments to PAUSE will create a positive mental health break to recharge and refuel. It needs to be personal and private, but the time and space can be shared in a classroom or at home, allowing both the adult time to PAUSE and the students a model to follow.

What is behind a PAUSE? A PAUSE is a moment to Practice Awareness & Understand Self Exercise. Like all other exercises we teach, mental wellness exercises need to be practiced. Taking time to PAUSE allows us to become aware of the moment, what is happening in our body and mind. It also creates time to understand why we might be feeling a certain way and further understand what we can to accept or change the way we are feeling.  

Your wellness is a connection between your body and mind. Take time to be PAUSE. Take time to be mindful. Take time for you.