Got Snow? Try Snoga!


We went to sleep with light snow falling and woke up to a winter wonderland this morning! We were bundled up and shoveling before many neighbors were awake. Following our work, snoga seemed like a great form of snow play. We had lots of fun and laughs. Falling down has never been so soft!

Here are a few ideas for SNOGA:

Down Dog tunnels! Let the older members pose in down dog, while the smaller ones crawl through.

Build a snowman doing your favorite yoga pose. Another option is to mold a child into a pose using your hands and help! Have the others guess the pose and all pose in it!

Freeze tag. When your tagged, pose as a tree. Someone else has to un-freeze you!

Cut the pie. Make a path in a large circle. Cut the pie into eight pieces by making paths on the inside of the circle. Play tag on the paths! Watch your balance and have a great game of chase!

Don’t forget to make a few snow angels before going inside for a warm cup of hot chocolate! Enjoy!