The Benefits of Having a Vision Board


Making Vision Boards

My students have been working on their own vision board. It has been an amazing experience for them and me! I have learned so many things about them I did not know. In all our discussions and planning, one of my students challenged me with the best question, “Are you going to make one too Miss Connie?”

Here is what I want to share: making a vision board is trendy, but there is a lot of psychology involved in visualization. Visual Modeling is an evidence-based practice in education. It is the practice of watching a successful attempt of an act prior to achieve the desired outcome. Athletes use this practice all the time. Carli Lloyd, World Cup soccer player, visualized herself shooting successful goals before scoring three goals. Arnold Schwarzenegger has shared that he creates a vision of who he wants to be and then live as if it’s already true.

I took my students challenge and sat down Sunday to make a vision board. I used the same rubrics I gave my students. I answered questions such as, how do I want to feel, what do I want to accomplish, where and how do I want to live, what do I want to do? It was empowering and therapeutic. You see, at (almost!) sixty, a have so much to look forward to! I also do not have one thing on retirement in my board.  I don’t want to see that in my future because I love doing what I am doing now.

The other extremely important part of a vision board is displaying it somewhere you are going to see it often.  This will allow for a few minutes of positive thought to the chaos of a day. It gives us purpose and direction. It reminds us of what we need to do TODAY.

This has been a very positive experience for us all. I highly recommend this activity for you, your family or classroom. I know I can’t wait to share our boards next week!