Exercise Memory Game


Our kids need brain breaks at school and at home! Here is a great memory game played as any other match game where the pair is kept by the participant finding them, but everyone does the activity once the pair is matched and removed! A workout for the mind and body!


  • Print off this free worksheet or make 3 x 5 cards with yoga poses or calisthenics.
  • Cut out and add colored or wrapping paper to the back of the cards.
  • Outline pairs with the same color to add visual cues for students.
  • We are ready to go! Place the cards down in a random order with the word side down.
  • Players take turns turning 2 cards up as they try to match a pair.
  • If they match a pair, they keep the pair. All participants join in the activity on the pair.
  • Game is over when all the pairs have been found and claimed!

Why it matters:

This is a fun mindfulness activity for a wide age range. Children practice in observation and vocabulary skills, communicate with their peers, and build relationship skills. It’s a physical exercise lesson, allowing for sportsmanship and strength development.