Self-care While Coping with Stress


People all over the world are worried about Covid-19. On top of that, families working and learning at home has added to our anxiety we are feeling. We know tension can be contagious, but there is good news! Here is a list of things you can do to take care of your body, your mind and the people around you during stressful times, to create a more peaceful, healthful you.

• Be a mindful eater! Eat when you are hungry and make good choices, like fruits and veggies. Limit your sweets.

•Take time to move! Stretch, walk, ride a bike or do yoga. You have time and can do this indoors. If you can get outside, do it! Vitamin D is so important for your immune system which fights germs (be sure to wear lotion). Make sure you keep social distance from others.

• Relaxing is healthful! Go outside and sit in a chair or lie down on a blanket on nice days. Do some deep breathing. Take a short nap during the day. Go to bed on time and get a good night’s rest. Image somewhere you will go when this has passed.

• Connect with others! Reach out to family and friends who may be alone. Write notes. Thank a healthcare worker. Write a positive note on your sidewalk with chalk. Set up virtual meetings with family and friends.

• Take breaks from social media and the news! Focus on what you can control.

• Find things to be grateful for! Think of it as a growth-mindset practice. You are rewiring your brain to see the positive.

Enjoy today. We will get through this together!

Click here for a free CARE worksheet with lots of ideas to have a healthy body and mind!